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My story starts in the city of Los Angeles, a city where celebrities are commonplace and the sun always shines. The city instilled in me a sense of possibility.

I grew up with a very active imagination fueled by a steady diet of books, movies, and television. Art and play were the best outlets for the creative energy that was generated. I let curiosity be my guide.

In my home, curiosity was tempered by education. My family strived to immigrate to America in order to ensure I had access to good schooling. I learned about political science, communication, and myself at the University of California in San Diego where I became the first person in my family to receive a college degree.

I took my newly acquired skills into the "real world" where I worked in a variety of roles and industries. Along the way I have worked with some pretty interesting companies, but I felt that I had more to share... I became a middle school teacher where the teaching went both ways.

I learned so much during my time as a teacher. Empathy helped me understand the the world from my students' perspective. Research allowed to me to design the right curriculum and assessments to address the diverse learning needs of my class. I promised myself that I would give all of myself to education for as long as I had the energy... and I did.

I now take the skills I have developed and apply them to the world of design. I use these skills to tell the stories of users and help me build products that speak to them.


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